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Russia Essay -- European Politics, Bilateral Relations

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The change witnessed in modern day society can be traced back to the period of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is in this period that Western Europe achieved rapid economic growth and development. This was through the Agrarian and Industrial revolutions that swept across Europe, mostly Western Europe, causing in its wake rapid development and changing gender roles and lifestyles in general (Collins, 2006). It is also in Western Europe that events such as the French revolution brought about massive changes in society, completely altering the lifestyles of its citizens. However, the change did not end in Western Europe, but spread to other countries of the Eastern bloc, such as Russia. This was mostly through the influence brought about by bilateral relations. The changes thus brought forth cut across all spheres of peoples lifestyles including legal rights, access to education and positions of power, family size, fashion and ways of socialization. 
    The society during this time was male dominated.

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